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About Me

I teach adults how to use technology for fun and profit at community colleges in California. My technology experience started when I started building electronics kits as a young boy in Chicago, where I was born and went to school. I was active in science fairs throughout high school and was always curious and wanted to learn more. My father was a schoolteacher in Chicago, and every summer, we would take route 66 to visit family in Los Angeles. So when it came to college, I attended school in California and found that people were just as fascinating as science and technology, so I switched to psychology. I found it fun to explain technology to people and spent most of a career in sales and marketing roles at large computer companies. Like many of my generation, layoffs seemed to find me as the industry changed, so I started an entrepreneurial life. I've started and run an internet service and computer repair business, and then discovered publishing and adult education by taking a class about teaching classes to adults. A good friend showed me how to write books and offer classes about technology, so in 2007 I started teaching my first classes at Pasadena City College, where I still teach today. My books and classes include "Social Networking for Beginners," "Secrets of Internet Marketing," " How to Start Your Own App Business," "iPhones, iPads, and I'm Lost," and several others. I also volunteer to teach with Habitat for Humanity and have a few charities I support. What I enjoy most about teaching is helping people understand technology. But in 2013, I hit a road bump when my wife of 43 years passed away suddenly. After dealing with the loss of someone so close, I realized that I needed to re-discover myself. So I started exploring the world, literally and decided to see where and how I would want to live. I took up ballroom dancing, cooking, and recently started photography. I ended up settling in Seal Beach, California, not far from where I lived and raised my three sons, and I love to spend time with each of them and their families. I write a little each day, mostly on tech topics, trying to help adults make sense of all the technology around us now. In between writing and teaching, I fit in a bicycle ride along the beach, try a new recipe, and explore locations for photos. I invite you to take one of my sessions on GetSetUp. We'll get to know each other a little better, and in the process, learn something!

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