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    If Natalie could go back in time she would tell her younger self to “take a slow breath and choose 10 seconds of courage” or 10 seconds of calm or mindfulness or stillness … She’s proud of her achievement in the 80s as the youngest female instructor for Dale Carnegie Training Leaders where her courage flourished and her journey of helping others began. These days she enjoys offering her smart quick and easy tips toward peace and calm. Natalie is constantly trialing, conversing and learning. Her experiences and those of others remind her that the simple choosing of 10 seconds can bring about change. A recent example was a phone message from 82 year young Mary who she met in a coffee shop, Mary followed the 10 second approach and her proud message said “for the first time in years I found the courage to stand up and tell my gardener that I didn’t want his services anymore, I stood up for myself and it felt so good”. She wakes up and goes to bed with the thought “choose 10 seconds”.

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