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About Me

My journey took me on the road towards self-improvement and a true self-awakening. With a mission to become healthier and happier. I embarked on a lifestyle and career change that reflects my newfound sensibilities and ultimate success. I’m a Fort Lauderdale-based married mother of adult children, as well as a doting grandmother who is rooted in strong Colombian values mixed with an all-American attitude. My career has been expansive in the field of cosmetics, the travel industry, and hotel management. I joined the cosmetics industry and have worked my way up to being an executive for a major world-wide cosmetics and skincare company. On a personal note, after struggling with my weight to the point of morbid obesity, I not only made it my priority to take charge of my health but to help others striving to better themselves. I made the life-altering choice 13 years ago to undergo gastric bypass surgery, understanding that I’d have to completely alter my habits and routines to maintain the results. Now as a Health and Wellness Coach, I am focused on family, self-care, spirituality, education, health, and the like, with less focus on food to fill the void.

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