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About Me

Ravina Chandra’s passion for health and wellness started at a very young age. She was always curious about what made people happy, healthy and full of life. After completing her Nursing degree and launching into her nursing career, she soon discovered that Preventative Health is what saves us from the pain and suffering that accompanies illness and premature aging. She soon ventured into Nutrition and completed her Diploma in Functional Nutrition, making it her mission to help others be healthier and feel happier. Leaving the comfort of her corporate job in 2018, she furthered her studies and became certified as a Health and Life Coach. Now semi-retired, she specializes in vibrant health and wellness for older adults and has created various online courses related to all aspects of healthy aging. Ravina is keen to continue to support older adults in learning healthy aging strategies. When she’s not teaching, she is enjoying time with her husband on nature walks, cycling the waterfront, cooking delicious food or traveling to exotic destinations.

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