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About Me

Russ Eanes is a freelance writer, editor, cyclist and walker from Virginia. His goal in living is to, “inspire others to more simple, deliberate, meaningful, peaceful and less consumptive lives.” He has several decades’ experience in book publishing, most recently as Publisher at Herald Press, where he reflected that his favorite thing was to help aspiring or experienced authors put their ideas and thoughts between the covers of a book. An experienced world traveler, especially to South America and Europe, he has trekked, hiked, climbed and biked across the UK, Ireland and several places on the Continent. In 2018 he completed a 500 mile pilgrimage on foot across Spain on the Camino de Santiago and a 1,000 mile bike trip covering the length of the UK, from Lands End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland. A lifelong lover of books and writing, he became a first-time author himself in 2019 with the publication of his book, The Walk of a Lifetime: 500 Miles on the Camino de Santiago. He and his wife have six grown children and six grandchildren, which occupy much of their time.

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