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About Me

Wade has a doctorate degree in psychology from West Virginia University. He also started working with computers in the 70s when you needed punched cards and the programming languages were FORTRAN and COBOL. For most of his career, he installed and supported healthcare information systems at facilities including the University of New Mexico Hospital, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and MD Anderson Cancer Center. One of his passions was seeing the “lights come on” while training users on the software and helping them solve problems using the software. In 2014 he decided to shift his career, but not his passion. He found new ways to continue training people to be more productive and solve their problems. Now he teaches psychology at a local community college and trains seniors on technology for GetSetup. In his free time, Wade enjoys bicycle rides and walks in the park with his wife, Michelle, and their Bichon dog, Elsa Marie. One fun fact about Wade is that he plays the banjo.

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